last night

Last night was an enjoyable evening at The Journey.  After making just a few announcements we played a hoax car commercial video.  To set-up the commercial, we told a little story that it was made in Great Britain and was never aired on television because of an eerie image of a ghost.  With that being said, I told everybody to watch the front of the car very closely as it went through the countryside. 

After a few short seconds, this ghoul looking figure pops up on the screen and screams very loudly.  It was an absolute riot to basically watch the whole crowd jump up and out of their seats with a loud yell.  Actually, it took me a few moments to collect myself because I was laughing so hard. 

Afterwards, we played a silly game that I only had a few minutes to prepare for.  So, I learned it is probably better not to do anything rather than throw something haphazardly together.  Nevertheless, some people were introduced to others that they normally would not talk with, so I consider that a success! 

As I said yesterday, we were going to incorporate a skit into the lesson.  So, before I actually taught the lesson from Romans 3.23-24 about An Eternally Serious Mess Gets Cleaned Up, I had two groups of 4 people come to front.  Both of the skits were the same, in that they were based upon a court room setting.  So, we had someone who played the part of the Judge (God), the Defendant (All of Us), the Plaintiff (Satan), and the Guard, playing the part of the Guard. 

Kudos to those that participated and were willing to participate. 

I enjoyed incorporating the skit because it encouraged the participation of the audience, as well as provided me with the ability to teach and explain Romans 3.23-24.  I believe we will look to include more skits, as well as drama.  


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