if you attended the fall retreat and would like to share about your time there, comment to this post.  You can write about a plethora of things, from something that God did for you as you were away, a lesson learned, the joy of hanging out with friends, what you liked best, to just some general thoughts.  Look forward to hearing from you soon! 


3 Responses to hey…

  1. Well, everyone probably is a little confused of what happened with me. Saturday night was my defining point… I knew God, and I was saved, but I had fallen away from time to time in ways that I cannot explain… Just know this – I am changed.
    I was not living a pure and holy life before God. I was holding back my faith from others. I was not spending time with the Lord… I was not repenting daily, and I was not truly living the Christian life. The definition before of what a “Christian life” truly meant was distorted…
    So this weekend, everything was changed. I was freed from sins that I had not forgiven myself for doing, I was changed from one who had the right change stuck in the back of my mind, but I doubted God’s ability to change me…
    From then until today, I can already see a drastic change, and I’m not just saying this. My joy is now truly complete, my love for God has changed, I am hungry, my spirit is at peace, and I feel so utterly amazing, that I can’t describe it.
    Thank you all for your understanding and accepting me when I confessed my sin! I love you all! I pray and hope that you will see a difference in me if you haven’t already.

    Peace & Joy,

  2. Lorra says:


    Congrats on turning your life over. There is no better feeling than what you get when you do this.

    I just wanted to add….We were discussing this tonight in church….Dirty Rags….I call sins rags. We may accept God in our life, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to slip again.

    When we accept God, God throws our rags in the WASHER. Yes, some stains are still going to be on those rags. God looks at them and says, what stains? They are stains that we might remember, but stains that God has washed clean. Isn’t it AMAZING, how God can wash away the stains that we know are there.

    We may STILL dirty up those rags, but God can STILL WASH them CLEAN!!!

    Just want you to REMEMBER that God is always there to wash away our sins, and its ok to slip every now and then, YOU are only HUMAN!!!

    God Bless,

    Lorra Stinnett

  3. Elizabeth Martin says:

    I am totally hijacking this thread, but only temporarily! Would you please email me your mailing address?? Keith Cobb wants to send you a card. (-: elizabeth.battle@gmail.com or elizabethmartin@perrow.org.
    Thank you!!!

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