post fall retreat

What a great weekend at the Bluestone Camp and Retreat Center in Hinton, WV!  It was such an enjoyable and life changing experience for some!  The area was gorgeous.  Fall was in full swing and the view of the hillside nestled up against Bluestone Lake was amazingly breathtaking.   

The vast majority of us arrived late on Friday evening, while some others even arrived later.  By the time that we arrived at the camp, Priscilla Maxwell had already prepared a fire, coffee, and hot water for cocoa.  Kudos Priscilla!  After we had time to settle down for a few moments and warm up the cabins, everyone unloaded their belongings to then rendezvous back at the lodge for some hangout time. 

We had a late breakfast on Saturday morning, which was then followed-up with a long period of reflective writing.  During this time we all had the opportunity to remove ourselves for some time of solitude to prayerfully consider some Scriptural passages from the Bible and a devotional thought that was based upon our theme of “Experiencing God.” 

During the afternoon everyone spent time hanging out.  There was an exciting game of basketball and tackle football.  Corey Bonasso ran the court and John Poole, Kayley Graves, Amanda Lanham, Jeremiah Stevens, Justin Lamachia, Nathan Almquist, Kami Graves, and Ethan Davis all had some big plays and hits. 

After dinner we spent some time in worship and watched a video of a message by Paul Washer (you can check-it out here  When we wrapped up the video there was a time of prayer, confession of sin, repentance, and brotherly and sisterly support and encouragement. 

Sunday was purposefully relaxed.  We spent the morning just hanging out, eating, and preparing to leave.  I didn’t feel as if it was necessary to schedule a bunch of obligations in the schedule this year so that we all could truly experience a retreat from life for a weekend to experience God. 

What I enjoyed most about the weekend was the ability to merely just be and hangout with everyone there.  Unfortunately during the week, especially on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s, there is not much freedom and flexibility to just be with those who you love and serve because of all of the obligations that I have during those times.  So for me, it was great to spend time with those that I normally do not have the ability to do so.  It was a pleasure to just sit and talk with a handful of people about everything under the sun. 

To all of those of you that went, I greatly enjoyed my time with all of you and look forward to seeing you again soon.  Have a great Thanksgiving Break! 

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