beginning of a conversation

Ever since I began serving as the Director of Family and Youth Ministries at Perrow Church nearly a year ago, I have spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about the purpose of traditional youth ministry and the role of families and pastors.  Even though I have not come to very many conclusive decisions, I have begun to form some bedrock principles that will serve as the foundation of my role in the ministry, in the lives of youth, as well as the lives of their parents. 

This is why I would like to begin a conversation on the role of families, pastors, volunteers, and the youth themselves in what we have come to know of as “youth ministry.” 

For instance, does the Bible provide any Scriptural warrant for the traditional youth ministry?  What I mean by traditional youth ministry is that someone outside of the parents is given the primary role and responsiblity of both discipling and disciplining someone elses youth.  

Here is a question for everyone to consider, “What should the role of a pastor, family, and youth be in the youth ministry of the church?”  I am interested in hearing from you, so feel free to write out your thoughts.  Consider the Scriptures and what they say about everyone’s role, especially for that of a pastor, in youth ministry.   


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