family and youth ministry “mission” casting

After writing my earlier post, it dawned on me that I should provide a link to the message that I presented to Perrow Church the first week of September.  The message that I gave was on the mission of the Perrow Church Family and Youth Ministries.  From the message you will grasp a better understanding about my thoughts on youth ministry, my role, the role of parents, caregivers, other adults, and the youth themselves.  Also, I presented the mission of the ministry, which reads like this:

The Mission of the Perrow Church Family and Youth Ministries is to both encourage and equip the parents, caregivers, and congregation, in fostering the commitment to Christ, the commitment to the body of Christ, and the commitment to serving Christ, among Children and Youth in Cross Lanes and beyond.

After listening to it, I would appreciate your comments on what you thought, both good and bad.  I hope that you enjoy! (when you arrive to the sermon page, scroll down and choose, “Youth Vision Casting”)


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