being thankful when things are bad

It’s easy to be thankful for things when they are going good; however, the same cannot be said when things are not going as planned, or as well as we think they should.   

At the moment I am wrapping up my lesson for tomorrow morning.  Even though I do not have a title for the message yet, I will be teaching from Romans 5.1-5.  In a general gist within this passage, we discover that we are to “exult” (confidently boast; triumphantly rejoice) in the hope of God’s glory (being restored to the state of “God-like-ness” that were created for) and in our “tribulations” (both minor inconveniences and real hardships). 

Basically speaking, when the going get’s tough and we are facing a multitude of problems, pains, discomforts, doubts, and overall struggles, we are to see the big picture behind them all.  First off, if we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins then we are at peace with God (read Romans 5.1), even if we doubt our relationship with Him based upon what’s going on in our life.  Second, God will not, and does not, leave us hanging out to dry when things are bad.  He does not stand off in the distant looking down from heaven, but rahter is personally involved in our lives, even when we things are bleak. 

The point of everything is that there is a divine rationale behind everything that goes on (thank you John Piper).  But one may ask, “Why are we to ‘exult’ in our tribulations and how can one do that?”  Those are great questions and both of them are answered within Romans 5.1-5. 

I will share more about the answer to the two questions, but in the meantime, enjoy reading through the passage and finding hope for the day! 

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