recap of Wednesday evening

We had another great evening at the journey.  It is always a pleasure to see new and old faces coming in.  Thanks to John Poole, Jeremiah Stevens, and Kayley Graves for leading us in worship this evening.  The LORD has been growing all three of them so much over the past several months and it is a joy to see them mature in such a way.  Great job guys and gal!   

After worship we had some mingle time.  Basically, everyone was able to get up and move around and chat for several minutes.  It is quite a blessing to see both the youth and adults meeting and building new relationships.  I believe over time the LORD is growing us into more of a unified body.  To explain myself further, I can sit back and see God take all of these different people from different places that have different styles and personalities and putting them together to form a beautiful puzzle.  It’s amazing to see how everyone fits in together and how the whole would not be the same if all of the pieces were not apart of it. 


I had the opportunity of finishing up our series on the Heart of the Gospel, which was based on Romans 3.21-26.  Tonight’s talk was titled, “because of the cross.”  Because of the cross (Jesus crucified) God justifies (forgives people for the penalty of their sins) us through our faith in Jesus Christ.  What an amazing thing!  Because of what Jesus had done, by the life that He lived, the death that He died, the blood that He shed, and the grave that He defeated by rising again, we are made right with God, forgiven of our sins, and God’s holy and just wrath is turned away from us.  Thank you Jesus! 

On another much lighter note, Now that we have finished going through and dissecting the many different pieces within this passage, I plan on taking my lesson notes and turning them into a study guide.  What would you all think?  

After our lesson we broke up into small groups.  Thank you Kelly Shamblin, Lorra Stinnet, Jenette Copley, Karen Davis, Greg Stonestreet, Dick Lanham, Randy Benear, and Karen Poole for helping out and leading discussion.  Your presence, wisdom, care, and service is so appreciated on my end.  Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!  Keep the vision before you and may we all keep pressing on. 

If anyone would like to share their thoughts from the evening, please do so. 

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