d-group curriculum

As we continue to move forward into the purpose that God has established for our group, it is so important that we become a whole and healthy community.  As a group we cannot be like oil and water, that when put together does not actually mix together at all.  Before we can fulfill the call of God in our lives individually and as a group we must learn to live together as one.  This means that we must move beyond our comfort zones and established relationships to embrace those that the LORD has brought within our midst, as well as those that He plans on bringing.   

This is why we are are beginning a new study in d-groups this Sunday, January 13.  Every group will be using John Stott’s Building a Community in Christstudy guide.  The study guide is comprised of 12 different studies from the Book of Ephesians found in the New Testament.  By going through these studies it is important that we are all in prayer about how we can take initiation in building more and better godly relationships with one another. 

If you have not picked-up a copy of the study guide, you can do so at the front desk in the main office.  You can ask myself or anyone that is up front for a copy. 


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