living as one questions

During our small group time this past Wednesday there were some fairly interesting questions that were asked that I didn’t get to hear a response from.  First, since the questions were interesting and of course thought provoking, I think that it is important for me to say that I can’t take full credit for them.  I used the most of them from multiple books I have laying around my office.  Sorry to disappoint some of you by shattering your creative image of me. 

Moving on. 

I would love to hear back from you what you said, or would have said, in answering these questions.

1. Using the analogy of the body, which part do you feel best describes your part among God’s people?
     a. Ear – Good listener

     b. Eye – I look for good things in others

     c. Mouth – I try to be encouarging to others

     d. Nose – I am drawn to _________ (fill in the blank)

     e. Feet – I deliver good news to others

     f. Hands – I like to pray, or I like to_______ (fill in the blank)

     g. Other:

(this is one of the questions that I did not make-up)

2. Using the body as a picture of our need to live and work together as one, for the same purpose, what part (or person) do you need to work better with?

3. What obstacles do you think could prevent our group from functioning effectively as a body?

4. How can we avoid or overcome these obstacles?

5. If Jesus were to speak to us tonight about our group, do you think that He would have something similar to say to us as He did to those in Corinth through Paul?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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