Survivor Challenge Update

For those of you keeping up to date on the scores, here they are after 4 weeks:

Flaming Flamingos with 208

Independents with 157.5 (missing week 3 scores)

Larouch (formerly the Indecisives) with 136

Azul with 131 (missing week 3 scores)

So it looks like the Flaming Flamingos have take a strong lead; however, we are still waiting to get the scores from week three from team Independents and team Azul. 

For the other two teams that have fallen behind, no need to worry, a strong week or two with a lot of guests would put you right in the thick of things. 

Thanks for all of those that have been participating.  I hope this has been a fun and challenging month.  We may run with it for a couple of more weeks. 

For our challenge this upcoming week Justin Lamachia has something up his sleeve (major kudos to Justin for brainstorming the Strobe Light Dodgeball game). 

Lord willing see you all Sunday or Wednesday.



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