Influence of popular culture

This morning we studied the third chapter from our book, Sunday Morning Live.  The chapter of study revolved our response to the words of God found in the Bible. 

Afterwards, I found myself pondering, “Why do we believe that we can live for God if we do not know what He desires for us to do?”  Sometimes I wonder if we believe that we can be transformed into Christians by merely gracing the presence of a worship center? I heard someone put it this way before, “If I were to stand in a garage, I would not become a car.  Why then do we believe that we will turn into a solid Christian if we stand in a building?” 

If our chief end and goal in life is to…

glorify God and enjoy Him forever (Westminster Shorter Catechism Question and Answer 1), why do we believe that we can accomplish this apart from dependence upon God and the knowledge of His Word? 

The only standard that we have been given to direct us in how we are to glorify and enjoy God are His words, “which [are] contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments” (Westminster Shorter Catechism Question and Answer 2).

However, many of us spend more time connected to the worlds popular culture via 24/7 outlets such as MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Internet, Television, Movies, Music, etc…  If we were to compare the amount of time that we spend exposed to the previous mediums of communication to our time in prayer and the Word of God, where would we find that we spend most of our time? 

If the scales of your time favor heavily popular culture, then I imagine that you will become a product of the world rather than God.  For instance, Dick Staub said in his work, The Culturally Savvy Christian, “Today, our identities are often formed more superficially by adopting outward appearances and behaviors without regard for the internal values held by the originator, who, to us, is disembodied.  Thus, people whom we do not know and cannot observe closely are influencing our life choices” (pg. 20). 

What he is trying to say is that we allow people to influence our life without knowing anything about them other than what they appear to be.  Historically, people were influenced by those in their community, whom they were capable of observing and emulating their character traits, rather than some musician or actor who may perform well, but leads a life that is less than desirous to live up to, and is on the airways with the hope of fame and fortune. 

Well, enough rambling for the evening.  But, I will leave you with these questions, “How much time do you spend in God’s Word?” “How much time to you spend in the world through MP3s, T.V., Internet, etc…”  “Which one do you spend most of your time in?”  “If it is in the world, then why not prayerfully consider spending less time there and more time with God?”

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