Do Hard Things Countdown

Hey youth – Why not consider joining the fight against low expectations?  Join me beginning Monday, July 7th as I read through and comment on Alex and Brett Harris’ Do Hard Things

Join the conversation and the low expectations of society.  Contact me at or call me at the office to find-out how you can purchase a copy for only $5 (for additional information please read my comment below).  Parents you are encouraged to join in and participate as well! 


12 Responses to Do Hard Things Countdown

  1. Trey Edwards says:

    Hi! In response to your post, I am assuming this is an online activity? If so, I’d gladly subscribe to your blog with Google Reader, and follow along! If it is a local thing, I live in Al, so I could not practically attend. However, I’d be VERY interested in finding out where I could get the books for $5. I have been looking for a way to get cheap copies of it, so I could purchase some, as an aid in rebelutionizing my youth group, and every other Christian teen I come in contact with. I am low on money right now, as I do not have a job, and am about to go with my family on a vacation, but if this is a lasting deal, I’ll probably take full advantage of that, buying many copies to hand out to my friends! you can reach me at

  2. Jesse Wisnewski says:

    Yes, this will be an online activity and not a local one confined to WV! We originally intended to conduct it locally, but it didn’t work out. Considering so many of our youth are on vacation with their families, this seemed to be the best way to encouraged their participation. Prayerfully we have many sign-up and join the conversation.

    Since this blog has been geared particularly to our family and youth, I did not think of wording certain things in regards to other visitors (hence the $5 copies). What I intend to do is to cover the additional costs of the books after $5. So, there is no company that has the books at a reduced price.

    How about this, for yourself and anyone else reading, you find a way of getting me $5 and I will cover the additional cost of the book and shipping and handling for the FIRST 20 responders. If I have at least 15 responses by this Sunday, then I will postpone our discussion by a week or two so that I can have time to order the books and ship them.

    Trey, consider this a healthy challenge!

    Enjoy your vacation.

  3. […] preparing to host a read along and discussion of the book on the 7th of July (check-out here and here).  However, if I recieve at least 15 responders to this by Sunday, then we will postpone for a […]

  4. Trey Edwards says:

    Well, I do not really have much income right now, but I’ll E-mail your offer to my youth pastor. Our church might be willing to do that. It’ll depend on how that works out as to how the money could be handled. If the church would be willing to cover it, a simple check via mail would be easiest. Ben, my youth pastor, is about to start a bible study with a few of us, on the book, and he provided me with my current copy. However, if he was able to get them at that price, he might be able to expand it to the entire youth group. Is your offer limited to individuals, or would you mind something like I just mentioned? I’ll postpone E-mailing him until you answer that question.

  5. Jesse Wisnewski says:

    If you would like to extend the invite to your Youth Pastor Ben, that would be fine by me. I actually will order the books at cover price. In order to pass on the $5 charge I am covering the rest. I just posted a challenge to the first 20 responders to my challenge here (

    If the first 20 are your group, then I would be happy to cover the remaining cost outside of $5.

    If your Youth Pastor Ben would like to encourage your group to join the conversation, that would be great! If you want, you can have him e-mail me at

  6. Trey Edwards says:

    I sent him an E-mail, linking to both of these posts. He is fairly expedient, I expect a reply within a day or two. I’ll give you his response, if he does not contact you first.

    Thanks for the amazing offer!!!

  7. Trey Edwards says:

    He got the E-mail. He has to run it through the elder that manages the finances in the church, but he is thrilled about the opportunity, too.

  8. Jesse Wisnewski says:

    Thanks for letting me know

  9. Trey Edwards says:

    Since I never received a response, I called Ben tonight, and he told me that the elder in charge of the finances had gone out of town, and that he would talk to him about it tomorrow (Sunday) at church, and make the request official at a church meeting on Teusday, when it would be decided for sure. I know you said that the requests had to be put in by Sunday, and, if I am late, I will not do it if you do not want me to.

  10. Jesse Wisnewski says:

    Check this out Trey.

    We are going to go ahead and move forward today, but this doesn’t mean that you and your comrades cannot join in.

    Sometime today I will post what we are reading and then on Wednesday I will post the questions from the study guide and encourage at least 1 post and response per participant.

    You can join in now of course, but if you want to wait until Tuesday evening that’s fine as well.

  11. Trey Edwards says:

    Sure! I’d love to join in. A friend is borrowing my copy of Do Hard Things, but we have a family copy. I hope we can get some people from my youth group to join in, thanks to these books! The elder was there yesterday, so I am assuming Ben spoke to him. I just hope our youth group will be willing to. Our youth group (mostly, not all of the people) is incredibly apathetic about the Word, and mainly just hangs out. I hope these book will change their life.

    Soli deo Gloria!

  12. Trey Edwards says:

    Sorry I have not gotten back to you. I just got back from a week-long vacation, last night. My youth pastor discussed it with the elders, and they decided to decline the offer, because they felt they should not impose on another church, when they are perfectly capable of handling the cost themselves.

    I’m still excited about the study, though. I am going to re-read the chapters, and comment on the posts, soon, hopefully.

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