Be 1 of the first 20 responders and…

recieve a copy of Do Hard Things for $5.  We are preparing to host a read along and discussion of the book on the 7th of July (check-out here and here).  However, if I recieve at least 15 responders to this by Sunday, then we will postpone for a couple of weeks so that I can order and deliver the books. 

For those of you out there that are interested in reading the book and joining in on the conversation, all that you have to do is find a way to get me, Jesse Wisnewski, $5 for the book.  Sorry, I don’t have the ability to accept online payments.  I imagine that you will have to send the monies to our mailing address:

Perrow Church

5345 Big Tyler Road

Cross Lanes, WV 25313

I look forward to having a young, vibrant, and enthusiastic group for Jesus Christ reading along!

Consider this a challenge to do somewhat of a hard thing!

Any questions just fill-out the form below.


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