Media Awareness and A Review of “I Kissed a Girl”

As parents it is vitally important that we purposefully engage with our children and other youth in helping them develop the ability to interact with all forms of media (such as T.V., music, Internet, etc…) from a Biblical perspective (i.e. Christian Worldview).  Likewise, it is crucial for youth to learn how to engage all forms of media from a Biblical perspective.  For example, if we as parents simply tell our children not to watch certain programs, but never provide them with the ability to make that decision themselves, then we are doing them a seriouis injustice.  Moreover, if youth are mindlessly watching and listening to whatever they please, then I can guarantee you that you will become what you are feeding on (same principle as eating, you are what you eat!)

There are two reasons that I have been thinking about this.  First, I just recently started a facebook page for myself and have been stupefied by how many people claim that they are Christians,yet post countless pictures of themselves drinking, partying, and what character from Sex and the City best represents them. 

Secondly, my wife and I were…

 just talking this weekend about a particular television show that Peyton was watching.  Jessica vociferously objected to him watching it and I asked, “Why?”  To this she responded, “Because” (Well, I will admit that she was very tired and didn’t have the energy to really engage in this conversation).

Since Peyton was sitting there, I said something along the following lines, “It’s important for us to teach him why he should and should not watch certain programs, or even listen to certain music.”  The reason that I see this as so important with Peyton is for the fact that he is getting to age where he has to have the ability to determine what is or is not good for him to watch when he is in a situation that provides more freedom and access to television, interent, and music 

Therefore, if we simply tell him no, without giving him the ability to determine for himself, based upon principles derived from God’s Word, then he will succumb to watching or listening to things that he shouldn’t for two reasons.  One, he is a kid and two, he is a sinner like the rest of us! (read Proverbs 22.15 and Romans 3.23

Any who, it is vitally important for all of us to be aware of what we are watching and listening to.  Just because something is dubbed as “entertainment,” this does not mean that we have to check our Christianity at the door and watch or listen to whatever our sinful heart so desires (read Jeremiah 17.9).  We, as well as our children, must have our minds renewed and transformed by the very words of God, so that when we do watch or listen to anything we will have the ability to determine if it does or does not please God (read Romans 12.1-2).  For all that we do must be done for the sole purpose of God’s glory, fame, and honor (read 1 Corinthians 10.31).

I could keep going on, but I am done ranting for now. 

Since this song is number 1 on some charts (at least I believe it is or has been) it’s important to address it from a Biblical position.  For a Biblical review of Kay Perry’s, I Kissed a Girl, go here. Here are two quotes to wet your appetite:

The video clearly depicts a current cultural reality related to our fallenness as human beings, particularly how the fall effects our God-given sexuality. The Scriptures tell us that God made all things and pronounced them all “good.” In Genesis 3:6 all things are polluted by sin. “I Kissed a Girl” offers lyrical and visual evidence of this brokenness and how it is being uniquely embraced, expressed, and celebrated in today’s youth culture through distortions of sexuality. 
Because it serves to direct young viewers and listeners, “I Kissed a Girl” is more than a song kids will listen to. It actually serves as a map to life, guiding impressionable kids into accepting and practicing the values, attitudes, and behaviors that are depicted and promoted in the song. This includes a postmodern ethical relativism, and homosexuality. 











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