Walk Across the Room

July 22, 2008

What if twenty steps across a room would change your friends forever?  Don’t forget that on the 3rd of August, in Room 205 @ 9:30 A.M. we will be launching our 4-week study by Bill Hybels called, “Just Walk Across the Room.”

Over a four weekend period, we’ll learn to:

  • Develop friendships with people far from God
  • Discover the stories behind their life’s journey
  • Discern what “next steps” will help point them to faith

Just Walk Across the Room will change your mind about sharing your faith with others. 

Pointing people to faith is something that all of us can do – and it shows up on the heels of a simple walk across the room.

You don’t want to miss this!


Just walk across the room

July 14, 2008

Beginning Sunday, the 3rd of Augusts, we will be working through the 4 week study by Bill Hybel’s called, “Just Walk Across the Room.” 

I noticed this past year that many youth have a difficulty with taking the first step in evangelism, which is simply just walking across the room and beginning a conversation with somebody, befriending them as an expression of God’s love, and asking the right questions to see where God may be working within their life in drawing them closer to Himself through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Here is an excerpt from Publishers Weekly,

His form of evangelism is relational, what he calls “Living in 3D.” Hybels enlarges on the three Ds—develop friendships, discover stories, discern next steps—in a clear, conversational way, all the while challenging Christians to move beyond their insulated “evangelism-void vacuum.” He encourages Christians to explore “the power of story” and to learn how to tell their own spiritual narratives concisely and effectively. Readers will find inspiration and honesty in this book that mirrors Hybels’s personal convictions and those of his church as well: “It really is true: the spread of the gospel… boils down to whether you and I will continue to seek creative ways to engage our friends, inviting them to explore the abundance of the Christ-following life….” (bold mine)

So get ready to work through this series and may the LORD utilize this training to better equip and prepare all of us to simply walk across the room