Media Awareness and A Review of “I Kissed a Girl”

July 14, 2008

As parents it is vitally important that we purposefully engage with our children and other youth in helping them develop the ability to interact with all forms of media (such as T.V., music, Internet, etc…) from a Biblical perspective (i.e. Christian Worldview).  Likewise, it is crucial for youth to learn how to engage all forms of media from a Biblical perspective.  For example, if we as parents simply tell our children not to watch certain programs, but never provide them with the ability to make that decision themselves, then we are doing them a seriouis injustice.  Moreover, if youth are mindlessly watching and listening to whatever they please, then I can guarantee you that you will become what you are feeding on (same principle as eating, you are what you eat!)

There are two reasons that I have been thinking about this.  First, I just recently started a facebook page for myself and have been stupefied by how many people claim that they are Christians,yet post countless pictures of themselves drinking, partying, and what character from Sex and the City best represents them. 

Secondly, my wife and I were…

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Influence of popular culture

June 16, 2008

This morning we studied the third chapter from our book, Sunday Morning Live.  The chapter of study revolved our response to the words of God found in the Bible. 

Afterwards, I found myself pondering, “Why do we believe that we can live for God if we do not know what He desires for us to do?”  Sometimes I wonder if we believe that we can be transformed into Christians by merely gracing the presence of a worship center? I heard someone put it this way before, “If I were to stand in a garage, I would not become a car.  Why then do we believe that we will turn into a solid Christian if we stand in a building?” 

If our chief end and goal in life is to…

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