Do Hard Things: Week 2 Chapter 2

July 15, 2008

This week we are reading Chapter 2 of Do Hard Things.  The title of this chapter is “The Birth of a Big Idea: Rumblings of a rebelution.”  For the guidelines and expectations of the read along and discussion click here.

This chapter entails how Alex and Brett Harris came upon the idea of beginning the “rebelution.”  For me I am always encouraged by reading the stories of others and how the LORD works in and through their lives.  It seems as if the LORD always does more than we could ever think or imagine (read Ephesians 3.20) when we step out in faith to do what He calls us to do.

After reading this chapter I was really encouraged by the example of Heidi in her work in the political grass-roots level in Alabama.  In commenting on her introverted personality and how she arose to the challenge that was set before her, Alex and Brett said,

She had always been extremely introverted.  She hated talking on the phone, her family told us, even with people she knew.  Yet we had put her on the phone with strangers almost constantly.  Throughout the entire campaign, her family watched in amazement as Heidi jumped way outside of her comfort zone and did things that would have seemed impossible before (pg. 20).

If we believe that salvation is possible only through the life of Jesus Christ (read John 14.6) and that God empowers us to be a witness for Him to others (read Acts 1.8), then why do some of us use our “shyness” as an excuse to not connect with others for the purpose of introducing them to Jesus Christ?  Also, if God has promised to empower us to be a witness by sharing Jesus Christ with others, then how can we say that it is true if we do not step out in faith on His word? (you so have to check-out the example of Peter in stepping out in faith upon the promise of God in Luke 5.1-11). 

What can we take away from this?  What we can take away from this little blurb is that we cannot cop out on personal responsibility by using our personality quarks as excuses.  We cannot place anything in our life in a position that is greater than God.  As if it has more power over us than what God is working in us.  The power of God that is at work towards us is so much greater than any personality trait, physical deformity, or speech impediment, that we may or may not have (read Ephesians 1.18-20).