Almost the Final, Survivor Challenge Update

May 15, 2008

Even though last night marked the end of our Survivor Challenge, I am still waiting for the scores from all of the teams. 

Last night was a wet and enjoyable night!  Thank you Benji for pouring a whole coffee can of water down my poncho!  I really appreciate. 

After a wonderful meal prepared by Bill Lamachia (Chicken Parmesan) we welcomed several new guests, mostly coming from Putnam County.  Although I graduated from Nitro High School, I still have nothing but love for those of you representing the Dots and Generals. 

After worship and the lesson stemming from 1 Timothy 4.12 on “Breaking the rope that hold’s us down” (more on this later) we had an excellent challenge in the Water Cup Relay.  The object of the challenge was for all of the teams to line up in a single file line behind an empty coffee and three plastic cups with holes punched in them.  At the other end of the field, nearly 20 yards away, was a cooler full of water.  The first person in line for each team had to grab one plastic cup, race to the cooler full of water, fill-up their cup, run with it over their head, and pour whatever water was left inot the coffee can.  Whoever had the most water in the coffee can after 15 minutes was the winner.   

Last nights winner was team Azul, with all the other teams tying for second. 

After the final scores are tabulated, it looks as if the Flaming Flamingos and Independents will be battling for the top nod and a team party. 

Then, one individual winner will be selected to win a $100 gift certificate.  The individual winner does not have to be a part of the winning team but they had to earn the most points throughout the past 6 weeks. 

The final results will be posted sometime towards the end of this week or the beginning of next. 

So I encourage you to check back later.